Posted on Aug 5, 2019

The 8thGear Coworking Space

3 Reasons why you should work from a Co-Working Space

A Co-Working Space is an office that allows various individuals from different works of life to work together under a single roof or ownership. There are many reasons why entrepreneurs choose to do their work at a Co-Working space:

1) Cost Efficiency: The cost of renting or building an office space(s) can be very high per square meter especially when it is compared to what the income the company is generating. A Co-Working Space mitigates this by ensuring you pay for only the amount of space you need to get the work done thereby reducing cost and ensuring that you break even. At 8thGear Co-Working Space we provide work spaces ranging from Hot Desks to Private Office Suites at affordable prices

2) Networking: The business world today leverages on relationships. The more relationships you have, the better your chances of experiencing quality opportunities essential for the growth of your business. A Co-Working Space like ours easily offers you the opportunity to mingle with various entrepreneurs and professionals who are also availing themselves of our facility.

3) Shared Service Charges: Running your own office space means that you have to bear alone the cost of utilities and other services such as power, water, waste disposal, internet, sanitary and so on. This adds to the overhead cost of running your business. Whereas at a Co-Working Space such as ours, service charges are shared, thus reducing cost.
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